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So you are interested in becoming a member of The Southwest Michigan Husky Club? We are interested in having you join! FAQ:1. Do you need to have a husky, or a dog, to join? No. Some of our members don't have any huskies. They just enjoy the breed and believe in our cause. Many members join because they have skills to benefit our programs within the community or with other rescues.2. How old to I have to be to become a member? Members need to be age 21. Individual memberships for applicants over age 18 but not yet age 21 will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 3. What comes with my membership? Each membership includes a SWMHC t-shirt and access to our member page on Facebook, as well the membership price for events where fees apply. Each member will be supplied with a directory of all current members as well (unless they opt out of publishing).4. Do I have to attend events? No, but we certainly encourage participation and would appreciate any help you can provide.5. Can I submit everything and pay the member fee online? Yes! Email completed applications to and pay via Paypal!Membership runs from June 1st through May 31st of the next year. T-shirts for members will be ordered in July of each year. NOTE: T-SHIRTS ARE ORDERED IN JULYFees: Individual membership - $25.00/yr (includes 1 t-shirt)Family membership - $35.00/yr (includes 2 t-shirts)Additional t-shirts - $20.00

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONDownload, complete and send to SWMHCinfo@gmail.comProcess Payment on PayPal or mail payment to: The Southwest Michigan Husky Club8250 W. Hickory Rd.Hickory Corners, MI 49060 

"Raising awareness and funds for huskies in need"

Welcome toThe Southwest Michigan Husky Club